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We are a network of experienced management consultants, specialising in organisational transformation and the implementation of real business performance improvements.


We have spent the past 20 years working with boards and senior leaders in the UK and internationally to design and implement high-performing organisations in the private and public sectors, so we’ve had time to understand how organisations and the people in them really tick.


Drawing on the experience of multiple transformation and business improvement programmes, we have developed comprehensive and practical methodologies and toolkits to improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency. All organisations are different though, so we work with our clients to understand and realise their specific improvement ideas, or fix their specific problems.


We use our expertise and approach with clients worldwide, in sectors that include communications, technology, entertainment and media, financial services, sport and leisure, transport, FMCG, engineering, and public sector. Projects range from corporate-level transformations to transformation initiatives aimed at specific functions.


Our focus is on how to improve organisations’ effectiveness and efficiency in the widest sense, not only structure, but also how roles and accountabilities are split; how people work together at hand-off points; governance and decision-making; skills, competencies and behaviours; and the measurement and management of performance.


We’re passionate about change that leads to demonstrable improvements, not change for change’s sake, and we always go for the practical over the theoretical.


All the consultants in our network have had real jobs before moving into management consultancy.

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